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Re: line 6 stuff

If you check out Line 6, they tend to have high list prices, judging by how
musician's friend prices Line 6 stuff, it will probably sell for 350 or 
so, and
Musician's Friend's prices are not very good.

Mark Hamburg wrote:

> "retail price of $699"
> I'll have to see the street price, but this price looks like it keeps the
> D-Two in the running as a delay effect and keeps the Echoplex and the
> semi-mythical Repeater pretty viable as loopers.
> I'd really hoped they wouldn't kick the price this high given that they
> didn't add digital I/O. (Actually, I'm waiting for some effects
> manufacturers to decide that it's cheaper to just have digital I/O and 
> the A/D/A conversion to other hardware.)
> Mark