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the best of the archive

Larry said:

>Since Dennis Leas' posting some months ago (Wednesday,
>August 02, 2000 10:52 AM),

a year ago, I maybe did not subscribe then... you must be good at the 
archive... are there more of such strong ideas you could quote?

I think there is little talk about the archive on the list. People 
say that the went into it but dont tell us what they found... would 
that be boring? We could elaborate old ideas further or like or 
relike some conclusions...
I proposed several times that someone that searches the archive could 
easily pick out the best and join it into a file, easier to study.
Ok, I was the only one who did it  :-(  maybe it was not a good idea...
Instead maybe someone who finds a good post could post it again?
They could be marked so...

>I thought it would
>be cool to have the following quote on the t-shirt:
>"String theory posits that all the particles that make up the world 
>are actually
>tiny vibrating loops, resonating in concert."

so: Nothing IS, but each 'thing' bases on a pyramid of looping loops?

and the Multiply function lifts to the next level in such a pyramid :-)

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org