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Re: Sustaining Device

not to defend myself about the *cheezee* <DF-2>(agreed!) but the original
post asked the question about taking a note from his guitar and "sustaining
it indefinitely" not a word about feedback per se so i thought of that 
which has a chip in it w/ no animation or really nothing musical like true
feedback from a guitar has. and believe me i use  feedback; a
living,breathing,loud, tube driven, full of overtones,harmonics and a
musicality that to me is so beautiful. also i work w/ the aforementioned
<jim thomas/mermen> here in sf.cali and to me of all the great feedback
guitar guys i luv(adrian belew.caspar brotzman,dave torn,reeves
gabrels,keiji haino,glen phillips,neil young,etc...)he has reached a level
of expression using feedback as a musical form that i'm sure i will never
see surpassed,but will forever try to.
(lastnites show @ slims,oh my god!!!!)


>From: David Myers <dmgraph@earthlink.net>

>I agree with Matthias.  The DF-2 pedal is a joke, not worthy of the name
>feedbacker.  It simply freezes a sample tone which is totally static.
>Sustain and feedback are interesting precisely because of the subtle
>animated harmonics involved; this pedal produces what sounds like a cheezy
>synthesizer with a key taped down.  One of the singular failures in the 
>pedal line.
>David Lee Myers
>on 7/28/01 8:39 AM, Matthias Grob at matthias@grob.org wrote:
>>> i think i mentioned this before but a great device for feedback is the 
>>> DF-2 super distortion/feedbacker> stomp pedal. whats great about it  
>is that
>>> after any note is played(clean or distorto) you can sustain that note 
>>> infinitum for as long as you can keep your foot on the pedal!
>>> they are still around if ya want one...
>> it creates a pretty much rectangular wave with the frequency you play
>> last, so it does not take over the expression of your playing and
>> sounds too synthetic for my taste.