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Re: Boomerang Plus vs Boss RC-20

  -Just wanted to let ya know, that I scanned an RC-20 manual and I
believe, Kim put it up on the LD site.  As far as switching loops, you
certainly can.  Though you apparently have to go in order, rather than
randomly.  anyway, good luck...  



At 12:25 AM 7/29/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Yeah, like this is a new topic!  At any rate, being a 
>kinda guy, and having been introduced to looping a few years ago via 
>Williams, I looked into the various equipment, and concluded that the 
>was the best piece of equipment for the money. Then, dang them, Boss
>introduced the RC-20 Loop Station.  Shite!!! I've heard a LOT of positive
>reviews and comments on the 'rang, but little on the RC-20 other than it's
>a hot new toy, and is a bit more than half the cost of a Boomerang
>(Discount average $269. as opposed to $449.). Okay, the RC-20 is new, it's
>from Boss (I use Boss effects on electric guitar and bass, and acoustic
>fretted instruments, and I know their quality), but SOMEBODY out there has
>got to have compared the two head-to-head by now!  The 'rang appears more
>logically (okay, the V2 upgrade has added a few twists along with the
>enhancements) laid out, and performer-friendly (read "hands-free"), and 
>A/B capability is pretty dang useful.  The attenuation as phrases are
>stacked would seem annoying (users - whattaya say?), but overall the unit
>seems well thought out and flexible. The RC-20 has ten (plus a one shot)
>memory allocations, and 5 minutes worth of memory.  It's cheaper.  You
>can't switch between phrases, but instead can trigger them sequencer 
>I FINALLY got through to a tech at Roland (NONE of the dealers I contacted
>knew a damn thing about it other than "It's pretty cool."  Uh, can you
>break that down in layman's terms, perchance?), who told me that memory is
>used as the phrases are overdubbed, and that the sound quality starts to
>deteriorate after "several" overdubs.  Well, well.  If readily available
>information and customer support alone made my decision, I'd go with the
>'rang.  The company specializes in ONE product, and is accessible.  Just
>TRY and talk to a real human at Roland, once you discover there are NO 
>specs or downloadable manuals for their products available.  Okay, back to
>the subject.  Is the RC-20 a viable challenger to the Boomerang, or a
>overhyped new mass-produced gizmo? Compared side-by-side, feature for
>feature, ease of use, sound quality, accessibilty during live performance,
>which would be a better choice, cost aside?  Yes, I'm obviously leaning
>toward the Boomerang, but honestly I've never had a problem with any of my
>Boss multi-effects boards, so I know it's solid stuff.  I just want to be
>satisfied with my purchase, and not have to deal with "Damn, I coulda got
>the other one!" boolsheet.  ANY comparisons, recommendations, or donation
>of a used 'rang by someone who's recently inherited a new Echoplex would 
>MUCH appreciated!        


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-Then, anything is possible..."