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Re: boomerang vs roland

At 09:48 AM 7/29/01 -0700, you wrote:
>not only that, but if you want reverse on the fly [with the rc-20], you
>have to use a separate pedal, don't know if it's a
>standard voltage pedal or not

It's a regular old momentary contact switch. (Roland recommends the FS-5U,
but it doesn't have to be.) Since my pedalboard was being taken over by
them, I built a little metal housing that looks suspiciously like the EDP
footpedal (i.e., a row of seven cheap chinese momentary switches) and can
control several items in my rack plus the rc-20 from one place. Since I
never use the stored loop selector switch (I prefer to create them
spontaneously), I'll probably end up assigning that one to another device,
but I use the reverse switch all the time. Incidentally, I've noticed when
I power up my pedalboard, the rc-20's reverse always seems to be on (along
with the guyatone and digitech stuff) so I have to do this little
'initialization dance' to get things ready...

Really, assigning the reverse control to an external switch is not a bad
thing; I'd rather it work that way than having to juggle additional
functions between the two footswitches on the unit itself.

>> memory is used as the phrases are overdubbed, and
>> that the sound quality
>> starts to deteriorate after "several" overdubs.

I'd like to hear more about that. Did the original poster say that came
from someone at Roland?
>as far as i know, roland has not released specs as to
>the sampling rate/bit depth, so sound quality is a
>question anyway

I coulda sworn the sampling rate was in the manual, but you're right, it's