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Re: Boss RC-20 / Boomerang price comparison

Mark wrote :

> I know you're going for the DJ market, Emmanuel, but have you ever 
>thought of a
> version that's geared to musicians or people who's hands are otherwise 
>busy?  I

DJRND3-F next to come with footswitch to tap tempo and record into BPM 
loops with
+ MIDI IN clock to slave loops synced with an external BPM
+ up to 512 Mbyte SDRAM saved on battery (8 banks of 21 stereo loops)
+ external re-sampling effect for HDD playback
+ 3072 loops back up on an internal 20Gbyte HDD

... but only maybe one day when DJRND3 is sold

> just visited your site (easily found by Google, not found at all with 
>Excite) and
> it wasn't clear to me whether or not the DJRND3 has midi synchable 
>loops.  Adding

DJRND3 already has a MIDI clock ouput to slave any external sequencer or 
beat box with

> these features may bring you a slice of the non DJ market.  Would it be 
>worth it?

Yes, but only for homestudio musician looping because of the number of 
loops (21
stereo loops simultaneously !!)

> Don't know... judging by how much space a store called "The Guitar 
>Center" devotes
> to DJ gear, I'd say that the DJ market is probably much more lucrative 

Yeap, it seems like everyone has smelled something possible to do on this 
market ...
Wait and see how it is going to progress

> days.  I did, however, fwd your page to my SF DJ pals.

Thanks Mark

> Mark
> Emmanuel PERILLE wrote:
> > Douglas Crouse wrote :
> >
> > > In an earlier post from a member, there was mentionof the RC-20 being
> > > "more affordable" than a Boomerang.  Check it out:
> > >
> > > In order to have "hands-free" operation of your RC-20 ($269.99), 
> > > need 2 FS-FU footswitches ($26.99 each); one for reverse, and another
> > > for phrase select.  For input/output level control and fade-out, a
> > > FV-300L ($99.99) is required.  Total cost: $423.96.
> > >
> > > A Boomerang ($449.99) needs no additional pedals or switches.  And 
> > > only $23.06 more than the 'rang.  Real "low-cost" looper, huh?
> > >
> > > As for memory storage: Why? The purpose of a looper is spontaneity 
> > > live performance.  Wanna record? Buy a multitrack.  Playing to
> > > pre-recorded phrases is basically karaoke.
> >
> > Yeap, but re-sampling pre-recorded phrases can also be a live 
>performance like
> > similar to what DJs already do with records ... This is for instance 
>one of
> > the new DJRND3 features with its internal SCSI HDD.
> > Emmanuel