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Re: guitar arpeggiator

le 25/07/01 2:18, Tim Nelson à tcn62@ici.net a écrit :

> At 07:49 PM 7/24/01 -0400, you wrote:
>>> I am looking for a good arpeggiator effect for my loops, which I can 
>>> for guitar (not MIDI).  Any advice?
> In addition to the Space Station, you might check out the Boss PS-3
> Pitchshifter; it has some settings that will arpeggiate an audio input. 
> not sure if the PS-5 also works this way or not.
> -t
if you can afford it, try the lexicon MPX series .You can config an
The boss SE50 and SE70 have arp pitchshift, they are much cheaper and
otherwise quite versatile: you can vocode an input by the other...
 IF you're ready for a bit of programming:
get a Clavia Micro Modular, believe me, you'll get much, much more than
arpeggio fx...