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OT : The Best Software Interface For A Korg Trinity Keyboard

I Need Help !

I need everyone's assistance. I have a friend who has a Korg Trinity 76 Key Keyboard. He wants to Midi it up to my PC, for editing purposes. I am not sure what software is the best for editing tracks on that workstation. I have Sonar XL, but I have not used it in conjunction with anything (as of yet). So I need some suggestions. Is there an Korg emulator, or Sound Bank that I can get from somewhere ? I asked this, because I did a Midi dump of one of his songs to disk, and when I played it through my PC's General Midi, it sounded like scary clown music.

Needless to say, I am no Midi Master. My Midi experience is just with samplers, and some simple stuff I did in Cakewalk, but this is something, I'd like to look into.


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