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No Subject

Hi everyone
I'm a musician from Belgium use a lot of loop material, and have a contemporary acoustic band called "TROISSOEUR"
using double-bass, accordion, violin, 19-string double-neck guitar and 3 vocals and an own invented, imaginary
language. You always can always check our web-site:  www.troissoeur.com
Our first cd is released by EMI-Belgium. We play like 40 concerts a year in Belgium, Netherlands, Taiwan, Hongaria.
We use video, lightshow, also loop-based music during our performances
We're looking for some interesting contacts, like cooporations, festivals, clubs, bookings agencys, record labels
who might be interested in our music and stage performance. Style: avant-garde, modern music...
Is there anyone of you guys who have some contacts, knows interesting
festivals, club, labels, who're interested in some cooporations??
PLease let me know, My experience is that the musicians themselves knows much better the cool venues, clubs
festivals, labels. than people from the music buisiness.
Please check out our website and give me some suggestions and tips. Maybe I can help you guys to
here in Belgium, Netherlands, Taiwan.
I use haedrush, line 6 and echoplex and design my own guitars, 19-string double-neck guitar (see website)
I'm in New York from the 5th till the 11th of August. If there are contacts and interested people in NY, please
let me know.
Thanks in advance
When are the loop performances in the Knitting Factory???
Pieter Thys