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Used Repeater Prices

Anybody know what a decent price should be for a used repeater? I'm talking about a used one with the power cable and the manual, possibly the box and the 16 MB CFC card. There's been several up on Ebay lately with more or less options than this, and the prices have been all over the place--in terms of what people are getting for them and in terms of what people are willing to pay (anywhere from $510 to $899 for a whole 'kit' -- the 'kit' including a midi controller, 32 MB and 16 MB CFCs and a card reader).
I realize that different options will lead to different prices, but if you look at the recent sales links, there seems to be inconsistencies within "grade" and "options," as well as across these categories.
Wanted to find out what seems reasonable, as now that I've gotten rid of the GNX-3, I wanted to try the Repeater as a compliment to my EDPs . . .
Thanx for any opinions, estimations, etc! Smiley emoticon
David D