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Re: majik little red box.

--- James Lanpheer <jlanpheer@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Hey, i figured this crowd might know this one.
> Just got home from seeing the Black Frames and
> Skerik had this majik little red box on a stand. 
> The box looked to be about the size of your standard
> Boss stompbox, more or less.  He'd wave his hand
> somewhere near the little red box and it would
> generate some sort of basic raw sine wave or
> something.  The closer he moved his hand to it, the
> higher the pitch.  I figured that it might be some
> sort of ribbon controller, but i was unsure whether
> the controller might have some sort of wave
> generator in it or not (or else triggering another
> box that i didn't see)....
> Anyone know what my vague description might be
> referring to?

Did it look like this?



John Tidwell

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