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CD Review-HsAcNoStEtN-unPLAYable

Received Scott Hansen's unplayable today.

14 tracks of 'great weird stuff'

tracks 1-10 are mostly free form with little or no rhythmic pulse. Here
is my blow by blow;

1       Watery background with tortured whales-intermittent distortion
in left speaker.

2       A flowing fingerstyle with little munchkins in the
background-intermittent distortion in right speaker.

3       Excellent! Great use of digital and electronic noise. I feel
right at home with this one! No unpleasant distortion in either speaker.

4       Whammy (wham me!) pedal - there's that distortion again, darn.

5       21st century video game. Did you win?

6       plagued with that distortion yet again.

7       pots and pans, bottles and cans, clap your hands. Great stuff.
That distortion is present here too.

8       Bottom of the ocean pulse with zero gravity improv.

9       Great use of effects. Very vocal, like talking cats.

10      Billy the Mountain?

Bonus tracks 11-14

I'm going to lump all these together. I liked these most of all. More
rhythmic ideas and, umm, they seemed to flow, pulling my ear into the
piece more. The guitar was probably more 'playable' as well. Ask Scott
what I mean. LOL

All told, very interesting art/noise. I believe the whole thing would
benefit from some compression and mastering. The first 10 tracks were
peppered with intermittent distortion, a distraction from the listening

I would recommend an open-minded listen to anyone on list, Scott has
some great ideas and there is something interesting going on here.
Thanks Scott!


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