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Re: looping up the wall...

> I'm beginning to feel that I'm the only person in the world using midi
> synch.

I only use sync out - BUT I remember some mumbo-jumbo a while back about 
the EDP doesn't actively sync while overdubbing past the loop point or
certain other special cases (certain feedback settings) - because the way 
syncs to incoming clock is by adding or omitting +/- 50msec of audio at the
loop point rather than time stretching the audio which it can't really do
anyway.  I think the idea is so that your overdub isn't polluted at the 
point due to a sync action.  Anyway, if you stay in one of these non-sync
states for a long time (and your midi clock isn't stable enough) it may
loose sync.  Maybe Kim or Matthias could clear up this issue.  I searched
the archives a little, but can't find what I'm looking for.