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Re: mac G5 -- what's the word?

--- Laurent Brondel <laurent@megalink.net> wrote:
> Hello John,
> The G5 chip has a 64-bit architecture, as opposed to
> 32-bit for the G4. 
> That's the real novelty about it, and it's backward
> compatible. However 
> OS X is still 32-bit, the first rev. of OS X 10.3 is
> and will be 32-bit 
> (it's now seeded to the developers), and so are all
> applications 
> actually running on OS X. You'd have to wait for the
> developers, and 
> Apple, to update their programs in order to take
> full advantage of the 
> G5 chip, and I would not expect that to happen
> before 2004. 


This is yet another reason I went with the G4, though
I must reiterate that in the deal I got for my G4, I
actually got MORE RAM and MORE hard disk space in
ADDITION to the reduced price, plus an additional
discount for the machine having been previously
purchased, then returned within days of the purchase.

I'm sure there are other deals out there like this
that are made possible by somebody dumping a G4
because he/she just found out about the G5 coming out.
 Consider them in your decision to get a G4 or a G5.


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