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RE: [OT] Noise interference problem

>What are the solutions for a "dirty power" issue?

I have been following this thread with interest because I'm also 
having power issues--but not quite the same thing as what you're 
dealing with, however.

My amps are cutting in and out on me. The signal starts to wane and 
decay until, eventually, it (or the two amps together) falls silent. 
Then, after a little while, the signal comes back. The whole cycle 
repeats itself every so often.

What to do about it? I called the guys at Furman. The person I spoke 
to, Christos (extension 120, if you call him yourself), was immensely 
helpful. In fact, you may want to call him and describe your problem 
in detail. The solution  that he recommended for me (and perhaps the 
same would work for you) was to get the Furman AR-1215 Power 
Conditioner/Voltage Regulator. Here's the description of the unit 
from the Sweetwater catalog:

"The 15 amp AR-1215 AC Line Regulator protects gear from problems 
causes by AC line voltage irregularities. Delivers a stable 120 +/- 
VAC for input AC line voltage between 97V and 141V."

As an added bonus, all Furman products have built in surge 
protection--real protection, unlike strip outlets, which I've been 
using to this point.

So, perhaps you should look into the AR-1215, or at least give Furman a