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RE: [OT] Noise interference problem

>Nic is right. But consider a few other choices as well. The thermal 
>condition could cause a poor solder connection to fail.

Here's the thing, though. Wouldn't my amps start to sound like shit 
regardless of what other gear I was running? Remember, if I plug 
straight in, no problems at all. The amps both sound great.

>Be advised that there are LETHAL voltages inside these units. If you 
>are inclined to investigate,  be aware of that.

Heeeeellll no. I'm not so inclined. ;) I just play the damn things. I 
don't build 'em, repair 'em, or otherwise! :) Seriously, though, it's 
hard to find a good tech. I prob. should ask around, just so I have a 
qualified gear/amp guy.

>No time to comment further, just finished a festival and have part 
>two in the morning. Must get sleep.

Thanks. Good luck with tomorrow's  gig.