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Aug. 7, 2003, NYC concert: Microtonal Just Intonation guitar, echoes, loops, drones and minimalism.

August 7, 2003
David Beardsley
solo microtonal Just Intonation guitar,
layers of drones and loops.
9 PM
admission: $7.00
CHAMA: The Secret of the Golden Flower
332 East 4th Street (between Ave. C & D)
East Village, NYC
tel: 646-654-6472
"Beardsley sculpts tones into overpowering moods....
clearly - in its glacial tension and release it
offered the essential outlines of symphonic form,
stripped of surface detail."
- Kyle Gann, the Village Voice, NYC
"The electric guitar corner was represented by
David Beardsley's atmospheric "Around D" - operative
word "around." Beardsley played his maxi-fretted guitar
through a volume pedal, a looping device and other effects
to create swirling layers of meditative droning. Throbbing
close tones made it a vibration-oriented experience."
- Josef Woodard, LA Times
* David Beardsley
* microtonal guitar
* http://biink.com/db