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Recent Listenings

Hi all,

Just fer the heck o' it, here's what's been spinning on my CD player 
(and in my brain) the past coupla days.

"Discord" by Ryuichi Sakamoto (featuring dt - aka SPLaTTeRCeLL)
"Zero Gravity" Laika & the Cosmonauts (surf music from Finland)
"Happy Ocean" by Pers Boysen (our own LD Swedish looper)
"Undisonus" and "Ineo" 2 orchestral pieces by Terje Rypdal
'Day of the Robot" by Buckethead (I still wonder who this guy really is)
"Live at the Aquarium - London Zoo 21 May 1992" by Michael Brook

What sortta interesting stuff are you folks listening to of late?


tEd  kiLLiAn