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DL4 vs Echo Pro

Hello everyone,

I just subscribed to this list because, well ..  I should have a long time 
ago (being a looping enthousiast), but also because I am in the process of 
changing my setup, and I am wondering if someone on the list has some good 
ideas/advice etc.

I started getting into looping with the AKAI headrush, but moved on to the 
Line 6 DL4 which I currently use. Other then for looping I also use the 
for other delay effects when playing with my band. I love the DL4 but I am 
not happy with the limited control that you get with only 3 presets, one 
tempo and an expression pedal. So I am considering selling the DL4 and 
for the rack mounted version of it, the Line 6 Echo Pro. I usually have an 
extensive midi footcontroller with me anyway (fcb1010), so that would work 
great with the Echo Pro to give me much more versitality.

I noticed no reviews on the loopers delight site about the Echo Pro, so I 
wondering if anyone on the list has any experience with it that they might 

Any thoughts ?

Thanks a lot,
Martijn Maas

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