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RE: hello, i am new to the group

Welcome!!!  Loopers are fun!  Weee!


P.S.  There'a actually a link somewhere on the loopers-delight.com site to
an electronic copy of the Vortex manual, in case you're curious after all
this time.  ;-)  I actually got my vortex used without a manual as well.
When I finally checked it out, I was actually quite fascinated to discover
what was going on under the hood all this time, wow ... neato ...

-----Original Message-----
From: allen morrisson [mailto:lorcanotorca@hotmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 7:55 PM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: hello, i am new to the group

   My name is Allen, I found this group doing a search for the Lexicon
Vortex manual on Google. I have had it and the JamMan since they first came
out, but never had the manual for the Vortex cause I got it used. My 
experience started in 96 with the purchase of a Digitech Multiplay pedal
which no longer functions. It hooked me on looping so I had to upgrade. I
read that Brad Laner (Medicine/Electric Company) was using one so I saved 
400 bucks and got one. I just upgraded the memory last winter, now it is
even cooler.

   I do music under the name System Boot. In the past it has been very
experimental electronica oriented, done mostly with computer. I use Acid,
Fruity Loops, and Jeskola Buzz to construct it. I also use some hardware
synths and grooveboxes. I don't use other peoples loops, I use various
techniques in creating and deconstruction. My only material release is
System Boot/Mar.ch-Divide By Zero on No Logo Records. I have plenty for
download on the web though. My style is changing quite a bit recently, 
guitar layers and loops with glitchy microsound beats.

  I am excited to see what this group is, and hopefully this letter is not
to annoying. I could tell you all everything I use, but that would be 
long! Hope to hear from you soon.

Allen Morrisson

System Boot downloads: