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Digitech X-Series Pedals - - -(was DigiTech DigiDelay pedal--cool!)

Title: Digitech X-Series Pedals - - -(was DigiTech DigiDelay pedal--cool!)

Seriously I am a big fan of the new X-Series. I have to say the pedal I love the most is my X_Series Synth-Wah. Seriously gets everything from great barfing lowdown synth sounds to chirping laser beam blasts. One of the great ways I found to embarrass my band is to put it on one of the synth settings and hold my guitar like a laser gun and make shooting actions in time with the sweep of the synth chirps of the laser beam sound.

(Sorry for that last useless piece of info. . . .)

For all you keyboard dudes and your moogs and mini-moogs this pedal probably isn't much of a big deal. . . .but it seriously blows away any envelope filters or autowahs out there, and would give the Moogerfooger or EH Micro-Synth a run for its money if it had a few dozen more knobs to tweak - but actually the minimal amount of knobs is one of the beautiful things about the Synth Wah.

Some great (and accurate) demos over here:

Complete with audio, and settings display.