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Boss RPS-10 Was Re: DigiTech DigiDelay pedal--cool!

Just FYI the Line 6 DL4 delay has a duplicate model of the reverse delay
of the Boss RPS-10. No pitch shifting features but I have an RPS-10 and
IMO the DL4 nails the reverse part so you can have only the "wet"
reverse signal going out the pedal without any original signal if you
set it up for that.

The RPS10 is a great little box. The Pitchshifting aliases like hell so
it's useless and irreplaceable at the same time :)
These still probably pretty cheap (my guess is $100 or less) if you find
one in a store. Of course KKKolectors sites with ask much more but they
ARE out there and it's more likely something you'd find used in a dusty
rack in a ma and pa store which is always more fulfilling anyway :)

> > I think you mean the RPS-10; not a pedal, but a 1/2  space rack
> unit. Belew swore by it. I use mine more  for the pitchshifter, but
> the reverse echo is pretty cool indeed.

> Bless you, Tim - I'm on the hunt!- dB