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Re: space station

It's funny, I feel that way too.  I think I got rid of my Space Station 
because it started spending more time out of my system than in it.  
Sure it did a lot of cool things, but I had a lot of overlap with other 
devices as well.

I find an interesting shift happening in the way I make music.  For a 
long time I was in the Adrian Belew "do whatever you can to make your 
guitar sound like something else" camp.  I still go there, but I find 
myself using more organic and traditional sounds for a large part, and 
when I want something crazy, I turn to using actual synthesis.  As time 
has passed, I also find myself using my Roland GK 2/Yamaha G50 MIDI 
setup less and less and using an actual keyboard as a controller.  I 
found that my skill level on the keyboard didn't have the learning 
curve that I thought it would, though I'm mostly doing single hand 
leads or bass/pad parts.  I guess I got to a point where the limitation 
of pitch/MIDI converters made the switch attractive.

Now, when I say "Organic and traditional" that doesn't mean I'm 
plugging direct into a Fender Twin.  Still keep an ebow close by, and I 
love my Sustainiac system coupled with a volume pedal.

Mark Sottilaro

On Wednesday, August 6, 2003, at 12:34  PM, Tim Nelson wrote:

> I've got kind of a love/hate relationship with both my
> Space Station and my Whammy pedals... I find that most
> of the presets are not too useful to me, but there are
> a few that I love. Every time I take them out of my
> rig, one or both works its way back in before too
> long...
> -t-
> --- Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
>> i totally agree with david
>> that the reverses in this pedal are wonderful, if i
>> could only stop abuseing  them.....michael
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