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Re: OT: Sustainiac


I've been a lurker, but no longer.

My good friend, and Roland Sales Rep of the Year 2002, Joey Arata, uses a Fernandes Sustainer Equipped Strat style guitar.  Even with his busy sales scheduling, he still gigs three or four times most weeks.  Exceptional guitar player, and an exceptional man.  After speaking with Joey at length about his guitar, I spoke to Fernandes today about the Sustainer. 

The current production package requires that you "have a 'single bar magnet, instead of individual pole piece' pickup in the bridge position."  It only comes with a dual single bar magnet full sized humbucker, and, of course, I don't want to rout my beloved Paisley Strat, so the Tech suggested I wait until the new Japanese Production Facility is up and running, hopefully to have a new product out by Christmas that would suit my needs.  The fella I spoke with said that in the meantime, Fernandes would sell no prototypes  . . .  

The problem I've found with the Sustainiac series is Threefold:

You must either have an extra box mounted to your headstock with a corresponding driver cable (Headstock Tether), or you must sacrifice your neck pickup to install the driver (No Woo Tone), or you must rout your neck pickup cavity to install a "Humbucker" sized mounting bracket (The Cardinal Vintage Guitar Sin). 

I'll be hunting Ebay for a cheapie Fernandes guitar that may be playable for some studio work I have lined up, unless anyone here has one they'd let go around $200, but I think I really want a Fernandes Kit that will fit my girl.  :0)

Please, if you have any suggestions . . .

-Justin Fobes