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Re: OT: Adrenalinn II (Upgrade)

Alan Kroeger wrote:

> I think I recall there were a few Adrenalinn users here anyone 
> the upgrade to Adrenalinn II? Some of the features like 2.8 sec delay 
> seem worth it any thoughts on what might be lost in the upgrade?

I'm considering the upgrade.  I'm not sure if anything would be lost.  2.8
seconds delay would be great.  You can loop a 1 bar phrase with it.  Also, 
can do a dotted quarter note delay, which I'd love to do.  I believe you 
get more filter types as well.
    I'm not sure if you'd get this in the upgrade, but you can tap delay 
in as opposed to holding for one bar.  That would make it a lot more 
usable in
a situation with no MIDI clock for me.