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Re: OT: Sustainiac

Hi there,

In a message dated 8/7/03 10:26:19 PM, JustinFobes@aol.com writes:

>The problem I've found with the Sustainiac series is Threefold:
>You must either have an extra box mounted to your headstock 
>with a corresponding driver cable (Headstock Tether) . . .

Well, this is only a problem for some. I've never been the sort to
jump and dance and run around the stage when I play anyway. Plus,
the fact that the device is external means that I can use the 
same unit to ad the Sustainiac effect to every guitar I own to which 
I can put one of those magnetic headstock brackets on -- electric, 
acoustic, bass, whatever. 

I know that having that little extra cable dangling from the headstock 
does look a little odd -- heck, I look a little odd myself. But, I've 
let that stop me. I appreciate the external sustainer (as opposed to 
the "stealth" models) as much for it's versatility and control as for
anything else. Now, if I wasn't raised by fundamentalists and had a 
few cool dance moves happening, it'd be a different story (heheh). 
But, as it is, I can't even sing when I play -- let alone dance. Mostly,
I just grimace and drool.


tEd  kiLLiAn