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Loopy Gig Spam: The very last Charles Atlas show - tonight!

Hello Delightful Loopers,

For most of this year I've been playing with the instrumental band 
Charles Atlas. I love their mellow, loop-based, hypnotic sound and I've 
really enjoyed sitting in with them. Unfortunately the founding member 
of the band, Charles Wyatt, is moving to Brooklyn on Sunday. Tonight, 
at 964 Natoma, will be their very last performance.

I've attached a link to a recent review of one of their shows at 964 - 
it's a good description of both their music and the venue, which go 
well together in my opinion.  

I have a broken left index finger, so although I still intend to play a 
solo set beforehand, it will consist mostly of ambient, slightly 
abstract cello (er, plus 2 repeaters!).

Thanks very much. Best, Zoe

Show information:

Charles Atlas
Black Forest / Black Sea (from Rhode Island).
Zoe Keating (of Rasputina)

964 Natoma Street
(between 10th and 11th)

-dontations gleefully accepted but no one turned away for lack of funds
-bring your own beverages

more info at http://www.charles-atlas.com