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Re: FS: some gear for sale

Yeah I am still debating about selling it.  I don't have another synth like
it.  The only reason I was considering it was that I have seen them sell 
about $2500 + on ebay lately.

It is the best wind synth that I have.


On 8/5/03 8:09 PM, "Tom Ritchford" <tom@swirly.com> wrote:

>> I may also sell a VL1m V2 for $2000, but not yet sure
> Wow! $2K! I have one of those lying around that I rarely use!
> It's a great piece of kit, mind you -- and they don't make 'em any
> more -- a two-voice physical modelling wind synthesizer with a very
> nice effects unit built in...  if you play a wind synthesizer, this
> is definitely the machine to have.
>    /t