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Re: Subject: RE: cheap tape echo

--- Travis <tiktok@sprintmail.com> wrote:
> The other significant feature difference is that the
> Headrush allows 
> you to set up a starting loop, overdub on top of
> that, and then when 
> you've had enough, remove all the overdubs, taking
> you back to the starting loop.

I love that feature, and wish it were an option on my
other loopers. Last night I was doing a thing with a
simple arpeggiated two-chord part as the bottom layer
(about six seconds long), then building up a
feedback-y harmonized lead part over it. Every other
iteration, I'd double tap 'record', bringing it back
to the base layer, then playing the lead part with a
different harmony. This was going into the DL4, set to
half speed, so I captured two repeats of the cycle
(four of the base loop, with both versions of the top
layer, about 24 seconds total)...

Sure, the Headrush is pretty bare-bones, but it sounds
good, and I find it very useful in complement with my
other loopers.


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