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Re: SF Bay gigs?

Places I like to play are ATA and 21 Grand.  ATA's in SF and 21 Grand 
is in Oakland.  Quick google searches should bring up information on 
how to contact them, but they're good people.  Drop me an email and if 
I'm doing anything around that time we can do a show together.

Mark Sottilaro

On Saturday, August 9, 2003, at 03:19  PM, Gareth Whittock wrote:

> Hi again,
> Last call to hopefully to get a gig in the SF Bay area mid Octoberish.
> I'm coming all the way out to California and would love to play any 
> gigs
> around
> this time - don't need paying either!
> If you can't host a gig for me how about dropping me the phone no of
> possible
> looping venues?
> My stuff is sort of ethnic/lightly groovy atmospheric stuff -live 
> guitars,
> (2 screwed together) with loops and samples, dictaphone, toys etc 
> sprnkled
> with the odd, dodgy vocal technique.
> Cheers me dears,
> Gareth