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Re: Any tips for an "audio pitched down" device?

> Hi,
> Can someone recommend a good device for bringing the audio signal down
> one or two octaves?
> I'm not interested in midi or hexaphonic guitar pickups as I want to
> transpose any audio source, not only guitar. Today I'm creating bass
> lines with the Repeater by pitching a track down, but I'm finding this
> strategy too slow in some musical situations. The best solution would be
> something that simply brings the audio down in pitch (without inducing
> latency) before it reaches the loopers. Then I could also use the EDP
> for bass lines as well as fading bass in and out with the feedback
> control. 
> Long ago I owned some kind of "octavider" and this thing was actually ok
> IMO even for saxophone and voice, but unfortunately it disappeared when
> I lent it to a friend.
> Best wishes
> Per Boysen

i am a true believer in <digitech whammy pedal> version 1(red) or 2(black)
which were both done w/ IVL technowlogies ltd. software.
it goes one octave down in real time for a great bassline-or 2 octaves
down-same thing. it has other harmony patches, detunes,octaves up but i 
use the octave down patch. never heard or used anything better. ymmv