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Re: MIDI Looper Redux

From: "Catilyne"

> Apropos to the previous 'MIDI Looper' discussion.
>  From the Nord Modular list, here's a tidbit regarding the upcoming G2
> Modular.  Looks like it's all but confirmed that it will have the
> capability to perform modular functions on MIDI events (Note &
> CC).  There's a good chance that this might come closer to a
> MIDI Looper than anything else out there on the market.
> Not to mention that we've yet to see what type of delay effects are
> integrated within it (audio looper + midi looper in a single box -- 
> too much to hope for?).  Regardless, it's pretty much guaranteed to be
> kickass virtual modular anyway.
>          -c-
oh yes yes

and even on the current nord mod it is possible to loop events with the
logic delay module (0-18 sec)

I can send an example to LD/NMod fans

just ask