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Re: Fast & Trashy

At 10:12 AM 8/12/2003, Andreas Willers wrote:
>So far with the new software in the EDP I use the standard footpedal and 
>TECH 21 Midi Mouse (the smallest midi pedal I came across) to switch 
>between presets. I need to switch presets a lot because in need a lot of 
>different functions of the INSERT button, but it's a drag to do really. 
>Should I practise more or should I consider one of those larger 
>Midi-pedals (yak)? Would that give me instant access to different 
>functions of INSERT?

yes, from MIDI you can instantly do any of the different functions that 
only be done with the insert button from the front panel. You also have 
both the SUS versions and the toggle versions available as separate MIDI 
commands, for more versatility.

I don't know what the MIDI Mouse can do, maybe it can be programmed to 
control some of the InsertMode commands?


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