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Re: EDP Video (was Album Preview)

Jeff Shirkey wrote:

> EDP video?


> Who?

Me (in front of the camera) and Hans Lindauer (behind the camera and the
editing console).

> What? 

About two hours, in the rough cut, covering the main front-panel
functions in depth.

> Where? How?

Not available yet.  Life has utterly kicked my ass this year, so the EDP
tutorial video project has been pushed back much further than I'd have
liked, as has everything else in my existence.  (Serious apologies to
Hans for not having been better equipped to get the thing wrapped up.)  

Knocking on wood as I say this, I think there's a good possibility of
our getting a final cut of the tutorial available for sale in late 2003
or early next year.  Now that the album is done it'll be much easier for
me to devote attention to the EDP video...

I get knocked down, but I get up again,

--Andre LaFosse