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Re: Ebay (Was Re: Selecting vendors)

>It sounds to me like you knew the keyboard was not out yet in the 
>US, so something must have been up.

But when I talked to yamaha tech support and specifically said, "Hey, 
guys, did you know that there's someone on ebay selling the ES 
already?"?? And they basically told me, "Yeah, so...?" In other 
words, they gave me no reason to think I might encounter problems if 
I bought one.

>   Frankly, the worst of it would have been the Japanese manual you'd 
>have to read.  My guess is that an English manual for a Yamaha piece 
>of gear is worth the

Magic of the internet. I already have the manual downloaded. But, 
yes, it would be nice to have an English manual in hand.

>   Buyer beware and all.

I certainly learned a lesson. And I went into it thinking 
(mistakenly) that I had all bases covered. I didn't go into it 
blindly--just not as informed as I ought to have been.