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Syncing Echotron's

Hello all,

I am new to the group, this is my first post.  Like most I found you guys 
searching for information.  It took me to the archives where I just 
reading many, many posts on Deltalab's Echotron.

I'm a guitarist who has recently ventured into the analog synth/looping 
arena, and I probably have a really dumb question here, but how do I sync 
my Echotron???

My set up goes a little something like this:

Oberheim DX drum machine =>

Alesis SR16 => 

Electrix MOFX =>

Frostwave Fat Controller which turns it into CV for the various synths.

I would like to get the Echotron in this loop also.  I also have and 
Effectron II 1024 which works great and a TimeLine DL-4 that doesn't work 

I noticed on http://www.loopers-delight.com/tools/deltalabs/deltalabs.html 
That the SYNC jack is "24 ppq clock output, to sync to the echo rate", but 
don't quite understand that, or how I could use that...

Thanks in advance for your help,