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Re: obsolesence

>I've heard of some older effects boxes (e.g. Univibe) selling for 
>outrageous prices these days.

Yes, true. I should have said "vintage guitars, amps, and effects" 

Of course, this also begs the question: What makes ANY of this stuff 
so desirable that people will pay top dollar to acquire so-called 
"vintage" items? Only one thing, I suppose: demand. And demand is, in 
part, a product of our collective notions of what good gear should 
sound like, act like, look like, be made like, and so on. In short, 
it's mostly arbitrary which fx, amps, guitars, and so on become the 
most sought after items.

Wacky world.


p.s. I'm not knockin' my Proverb. I still have it, after all. :P But 
I would take $75 for it, if anyone wants it! :)