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"Rick Walker/Loop.pooL" wrote:

> I just read an amazing statistic that made me appreciate our chances of
> making a mark in the world
> with this community of ours.
> In the year 2000 there were 30 million computers connected to the World 
> Web
> In the year 2005 it is estimated that there will be an estimated 
> of 1 billion people on line.
> It's a wave everyone and even though some of us have been surfing it 
> 1991 when the WWW was first started (although not
> me, as I'm a relative four year old newbie) it's a wave that hasn't even
> begun to crest.
> I don't know why, but this made giddily happy tonight.
> It's time to reach out to the world!      It's time to start inviting 
> of the wonderful people that we communicate with
> everyday on line here to come from far away and perform in our respective
> communities.
> In the beginning, these performances will not pay for
> themselves.............We'll need to be wonderfully generous hosts and 
> people up and get gigs and publicity for them and buy them a beer for 
> efforts and not be paid for ours...............................yet!
> It doesn't matter...............what matters is the
> connection...................what matters is the community that we are
> building.      What matters is the music, first and foremost.
> Bless this style-less, instrument non-specific, genre-less, creative and
> generous community.
> Let's surf  the international loop.
> I'm off to buy a digital wetsuit.
> Surf's up!
> R.

    I'll glady be the New Jersey representative.  Good to have you back