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RE: Fast & Trashy, Slow, Chaste and "swishy"!

>Or another great word - "swishy"!

...hmm, the thought just hit me that I have grown into a "Swishy Looper"
without being aware of it. I'm just editing a live recording from the
first gig where I was using my new Akai MAC 42 filter bank. When sitting
here listening there are just an incredible amount of swishes covering
the loops ;-)  Well, such things happen when the PA is way better than
the stage monitoring.

For the next gig, at another festival, I was playing with a non-looping
drummer. He used  my headphones from my rack and played very well -
while I could almost not hear what I was playing at all! Had to stick
mainly with a blues harp and shouting (no good singer ;-) to hear what I
was doing. The monitors were just distorting.