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RE: Delicious Chicken--Cooked by Hand or MIDI?

Title: RE: Delicious Chicken--Cooked by Hand or MIDI?

What about endings? Am I missing something? What do you usually do for endings? If the loop accomadates ending abruptly I usually do so, and then other songs I have acoustic riffs I end with. Or I'll fade out using the roller volume on by Boomerang. . . Or I'll switch to my B-Loop that has something I played earlier as an ending.

Just depends on the song mainly, but how can MIDI benefit me?


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From: Relay [mailto:relaydelayband@earthlink.net]
Sent: Friday, August 15, 2003 11:17 AM
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Subject: Delicious Chicken--Cooked by Hand or MIDI?

Hey Mike, you've seen me--I'm no glitch boy--I'm a folk looper.  It's just that audio control is what we talking about, and if you are playing using your hands, you need to use your feet.  MIDI provides an elegant way to customize that control. And I too use mostly the "record a track and solo" paradigm.  But what about endings? More comments?  Still wearing asbestos party hat -- Charbroiled Gary

Gary Lehmann

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Subject: Re: Alesis INEKO and a MIDI throwdown

In a message dated 8/15/03 12:48:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time, relaydelayband@earthlink.net writes:

Oh, just for emphasis, I'd like to

just because there are electric knives does not mean i'm going to use one to cut my chicken.....but then perhaps i do not consider my self an "electronic musician".....i feel that i am more of a "folk luddite loopist".....:).....michael