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when looping, i generally have a loop playing and i'm either adding too it 
letting it fade and change.....quite often i'm just playing over top of 
it.....i have reconfigured my rig so that everything is well within reach 
of either 
my fingers or toes.....lately what i have noticed is a reluctance on my 
to stop playing (remove my hands from my guitar) and tweek something on my 
mixer for example.....i think this is a throwback to my pre-looping days 
when i stop playing there will be nothing (silence).....how silly! there 
is a 
monster loop playing and for the 1-3 seconds it takes for me to make a 
there is still alot going on.....talk about overplaying.....i have just 
this little aspect about my approach to looping.....its another of the 
bug-a-boos that create TENSION in me when i play, very much like all the 
"voices" rampaging in my mind: "this isn't loopy enuf", "who could like 
stuff" ," i'm a genius, why arn't i getting the big buck for my music", 
know what i mean?.....at least i hope you do.....:).....michael