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Re: MIDI Throwdown

Hi Don,

OK, I'll try to put this in plain english.  

MIDI is simply a language created  so that any music device,  can "talk" to another other music device, no matter which manufacturer, as long as they both have MIDI inputs (and outputs) connected.  Cool, eh. 

That's how Roland midi pedal "A" can talk to Alesis effects device "B", for example, and "tell" it to change patches, as in the example of our INEKO effects unit..
The former is called a "controller",  BTW,  because it is literally controlling the latter.

A "continuous controller,"  often a  foot pedal that looks like a volume pedal, simply sends a range of commands, from 0 - 128 for example,  as you press down. 
Volume and pan,  are typical examples of MIDI parameters that have a range of expression, as opposed to simply on or off.
A slider on a midi keyboard can also be a "CC". 

The device that receives the command is called a sound module.  The INEKO is one of these.  If the INEKO had MIDI, we could use our  MIDI foot pedal to control  certain MIDI parameters of the INEKO like: program change, tap tempo,  delay feedback etc. 

So there you have it.  See, that wasn't so hard was it?


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One of the best things about MIDI is that you can use continuous controllers
to modify events and effects in real time.  

But all I hear is:

"Gibberish gibberish gibberish gibberish gibberish gibberish gibberish
gibberish gibberish gibberish."

I have no idea what that means to me.