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RE: future loopers

> Here's a question.
> What features would you like to see in a looper?

Hi Andy,

Interesting thread! Seriously. 

> 1) I want to hear the loop I just recorded played back at
>    normal speed and half speed at the same time

I tried to do exactly this once by programming my FCB to send multiple
commands to the EDP and the Repeater. My wish was to start off a live
set by this and get directly into something cooking without being too
"wish-washy" (see that Kim? ;-) but it did not work because the Repeater
could not record in sync when set to "midi sync" and not receiving any
midi clock (the EDP starts sending out midi clock at the end of the
first loop).

But you could do it with your two EDP's ;-)
> 2) I want to just keep playing, and hear just my overdubs
>      playing backwards.

Hmmmm.... What do you mean with "just my overdubs". Only the last one?
That would indeed be a very useful feature of the EDP! I have missed it
a lot, actually. But a feature like that would have to use a multi track
concept. Like if the Repeater should let you reverse only one of its
four tracks. Would be great for solo looping musicians! 

If there was a two track (stereo) EDP I would prefere to use both tracks
in mono with the ability to reverse one of them, rather than creating
stereo loops. Makes so much more  sense, musically, IMHO.


Per Boysen