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RE: Ooooops, that was a mess.

Yeah and what about that annoying loop loop loop open open open loop
loop guy -- I get two  e-mails from him - one through LD and the other
as if I was directly subscribed to his list which causes me to believe
he ripped the list of e-mails off of LD for his own personal use.


-----Original Message-----
From: jimfowler [mailto:jimfowler@prodigy.net] 
Sent: Saturday, August 16, 2003 9:49 AM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Re: Ooooops, that was a mess.

speaking of, is the emusic thing sent through LD?  if not, i want off

yes to looper's delight.
no the emusic playlists.