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Re: [LOOP] Re: Boss RC-20 with Digitech FS-300

I wasn't certain the FS-300 would work with either the reverse or the 
phrase shift settings, but it was 2am and any stores that might carry a 
FS-5U switch were closed and while I didn't know if it'd work, I doubted 
trying would kill either the RC-20 or the FS-300. (Besides, I splurged 
yesterday and picked up a great condition Morley EVO-1 oilcan echo/volume 
pedal along with the used RC-20). Since the FS-300 worked for one of the 
functions I thought I'd share the partial success with the list. Thanks 
much for the other switch suggestions you make, by the way, I appreciate 

On the off chance it'd matter I tried substituting a mono cord for the 
Digitech stereo cord - unsurprisingly the use of a mono cord caused the 
FS-300 to fail to work in both reverse and patch shift for the RC-20.

Steve Burnett
Subscape Annex

On Sun, 17 Aug 2003, Tim Nelson wrote:

> The RC-20 uses a regular mc switch with a mono cord
> for both jacks. (My reverse switch is actually a
> modified cheapo dictaphone switch, but a whole lot of
> different brands will work that cost much less than
> the FS-5U Boss recommends... I don't use a footswitch
> on the phrase shift, since I don't use the storage
> settings.)
> The FS-300, on the other hand, needs a stereo patch
> cord, so it's likely that in this application the
> jacks on the FS-300 phrase shift and RC-20 are
> incompatible.
> You might be able to use a two button footswitch to
> control both of them IF the pedal end terminates in
> two separate 1/4" plugs...
> -t-
> ps: another minor gripe about the RC-20 is that when 
> the remote footswitch for the reverse function is
> already plugged in at powerup (like, as in, the way
> someone with a pedalboard would always leave it), the
> unit powers up in reverse mode; I'm not sure if this
> is also the case with the "legit" FS-5U, but...
> --- burnett@pobox.com wrote:
> re FS-300 (3 button) vs. FS-5U (1 button) & ilk