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Re: Brother Sync of Loop Delay and Echoplex

At 02:02 AM 8/15/2003, ito wrote:
>I still own the Paradis "Loop Delay" and intend to buy the "Echoplex Plus 
>(LoopIV Version)" to establish a stereo set-up. Has anybody made 
>experiences of combining both machines through "Brother Sync"? Will this 
>work in any way? I donīt need 100% accurancy for stereo, as Iīm not doing 
>rhythmical stuff with the machines.

I don't think that would work, since the brothersync circuit is not the 
same as in the old LoopDelay. You need two echoplexes or echoplex plusses.

>  As I donīt want to use 2 Footboards I intend to use a Rocktron "Access" 
> board and want to operate both machines by the Midi-Note-On impulse 
> switching facilities of the "Access", thus I will be able to switch the 
> rest of my gear as well. Any experiences made by anyone about that, too?

It works fine using two echoplexes, but I don't think it will work well 
mixing with the LoopDelay.


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