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RE: : Re: Per's ideas for a dream > Emile

> I envision buttons that one could 
>  hit to grab the last n beats (or whatever time units you prefer), and 
>  either loop them, loop them with a fade, or loop them and continue 
>  recording.   The latter is basically like turning the input on 
>  retroactively.

already possible with EDP 
1) turn output vol and feedback both to zero
2) start up the loop length that you want, with overdub on
3) then at the end of the section you want, set feedback and output to max,
   and turn off O/D

So I guess that's possible with lot's of current devices.

The EDP specific way would be
RecordMode = TOG
Loop/Delay = dEL
set feedback to zero

hit Record then Mute to specify your Loop length

hit Overdub (=Freeze) to reveal the loop

andy butler