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Looping in Audiomulch

So I haven't seen any mention of Audiomulch's new looping capabilities yet 
(see http://www.audiomulch.com ).  In the last release, Ross included a 
Livelooper contraption as well as a Canonlooper contraption in the Beta 
section.  Each has 16 outputs so you can put each loop through a separate 
processing chain.  It's still in development (he will add system 
sync, etc.) but it is still very usable as a looping tool.

I am currently using audiomulch for cello playthroughs and looping.  I am 
running a live patch using Livelooper and a ton of VST plugins as well as 
audiomulch's granular synthesis and delay objects. The live signal and 
looper outputs are routed through an 8x8 routing matrix so I can route any 
of the inputs through one or more of 8 processing chains.  I mapped the 
more important parameters (start/stop record and mute as well as numerous 
VST plugin parameters) onto a peavy 1600x so I can control everything 
remotely on the fly.  Playing into it is like dropping a pebble into a 
still pond.  The sound just ripples outward from the original sound.

I use this in conjunction w/ a slew of stompboxes and a line 6 DL4 and a 
boomerang.  It has so far turned out to be a very flexible and powerful 

L. Stafford
low Orbit/slut Machine/Nautipuss/Richard For Cerebellum

Blackbox Music Electronics