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RE: Scared of MIDI

I was playing "ambient background music" with a duo at a friends wedding
party when the brother of the bride suddenly stepped up to my mic,
grabbed it and uttered a loud BURRRRPH!!! into the PA. Since we played
very silently he had the crowd stop eating and looking up at the ugly
sound. He just went "oooops, so this one was ON! Oh-oh... Woo-hoo...."
ect etc, shouting into the mic to verify he was right when discovering
that "it is ON". I guess he was very drunk and never had heard of silent
music before. Probably he never understood that we were performing there
either ;-D

Best wishes

Per Boysen

> Hi Gary,
> I was playing some atmospherics before the opening of a 
> performance of the play, The Ramayana. The house lights were 
> on, and people could freely come and go... I had a nice cloud 
> moving around and inserted a few bleeps and blips. One guy in 
> Indian garb comes up and says, "That's the lonliest sound 
> I've ever heard... "  Another time a woman commented that my 
> music was like the lowing of cows. Both interesting and funny 
> observations. No money though...
> -Miko