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Re: Mark's future looper

On Tuesday, August 19, 2003, at 08:09  AM, SoundFNR@aol.com wrote:
> too lazy to hit Overdub during Record ? :-)

Yup.  Got too much going on playing to want to deal with anything after 
the point I tell the loop to start.  JamMan spoiled me.

>>  Touch sensitive Jog shuttle.  I want to be able to manipulate my 
>> loop=20
>>  as one would a record.so how would you like that to sound?
> like a dj lining up the record sort of thing?
> I imagine a Kaos pad type controller, where as soon
> as you touch it the loop stops it's normal motion, and
> is "scrubbed" by the motion of your finger on the pad.
> Playback resumes when you remove your finger.

Yeah, pretty much exactly like that.  Think of a record being 
scratched.  I've been doing this with a Numark Axis 9 CD player, but  
you've got to pre-record your loop for that to work.  I'd love to have 
that functionality on the fly.

> the difficult concept is combining the multitrack idea (parallel)
> with the EDP type Nextloop concept(serial)

Well, we're talking the future right?  Where everything is possible!  
I'd imagine you could have all the serial EDP functions available to 
each loop, plus be able to choose to run some of them parallel.

>> Decay and feedback available to me at all times.  Not feedback, 
>> which=20
>>  has to wait for the end of a loop to vary the volume, but the 
>> ability=20
>>  to have the loop decay gradually at a specified rate.  Available 
>> while=20=
>>  in record, or not in record.  Standard EDP style feedback as well.
> Does EDP ReplaceMode (Loop/Delay=rPL) cover this?

I don't know, I'm not an EDP owner.

Mark Sottilaro